Reactions and racism

People coming to live in the UK met with many different reactions from other people, some were racist, some were ignorant, some people name-called others made physical attacks. The interviewees responded to these situations in different ways, some ignored name-calling others found it very hurtful. Click on the clips below to hear some of the experiences that the interviewees have described.

Please note that some contain offensive language and subject matter that is not suitable for young children.

Animated film

Reactions and Racism is an animated film created by 6th form students from Matravers school and is not suitable for young children

Sound Clips

Impact of name calling on a young person

Experiences of name calling in the work place and witnessing of other forms of racism

Difficulties of finding accomodation when no-one will let rooms to black people

Range of experiences including offensive language

Everyone assumed I played cricket

Violent attacks by gangs of teddy boys and hells angels

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