Professional Services

Collections Care

  • Advice on all aspects of museum conservation planning
  • Conservation and mounting of objects for storage and display
  • Testing of materials for storage and display
  • Condition surveys of museums and stores
  • Advice on pest management
  • Advice on emergency planning
  • Advice on the care of documents and archives from our archives conservators

Man in a white coat sitting at a desk and working on a large pot       Work on a Bronze Age Urn

Archaeological Support Services

  • Conservation input at all stages of the archaeological process
  • Preparation of post-excavation assessments
  • Specialist conservation reports for archive and publication
  • On site conservation and emergency lifting
  • Investigative and remedial conservation of artifacts
  • X-radiography of finds
  • Freeze drying facility

         Conservators moving an object

Professional Service Charges can be found here


Education and Outreach

  • Training in all aspects of collections care and preventive conservation
  • Placements for conservation students and volunteers
  • Preparation of and participation in events to raise awareness of conservation
  • Links with higher and vocational training courses and institutions

Visitors looking at displays. There is a person in the background taking a photograph      Visitors at an outreach event