Local Studies

Local Studies

All Wiltshire libraries have collections of material about the county, and much of this can be borrowed. There is a large reference collection, which is especially strong on southern Wiltshire, at Salisbury Library.

The main collection is the Wiltshire Studies Library. This collection includes 25,000 books, 40,000 photographs, local newspapers from 1738, and Victorian censuses for Wiltshire. There is also a Heritage collection providing general information on Local and British History and related resources.

The Wiltshire Studies Library can be viewed in the main public search room at the History Centre. You are welcome to select the material you need from the open shelves. However, part of the collection is also located in one of our environmentally controlled strong rooms and you will need to request those items from our team on the Help Desk. The catalogue for the whole collection is available in the History Centre and online (please select Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre as the branch).

The Wiltshire Local History Forum’s aim is to help promote interest in all aspects of local history and act as a portal for Wiltshire’s Places and People. Website www.wiltshirelocalhistory.org


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