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on Wednesday, 27 September 2017.

Wiltshire Buildings Record in the Sarum Chronicle

Glimpses into the intriguing history of the former Art Shop at 102 Crane Street, Salisbury is the title of an article written by WBR researcher Louise Purdy. WBR had carried out fieldwork in early 2016 on this unlisted heritage asset, a collection of single-storey ranges with an early 19th century core. Louise did the original research for the Heritage Statement that was commissioned by the owner.  The level of detail uncovered was surprising; a high-quality moulded and partly gilded ceiling and 17th century details, leading to speculation about their origin. Was there a link with the demolitions at Salisbury Cathedral between 1789-1792 by ‘Wyatt the Destroyer’?  Find out the answer and many other details besides in the Chronicle issue 17, which is due to be published next month.


The Compleat Artist and interior detail. Photos: D Treasure

Calling all Ramblers with Cameras!


We are trying to get as many people as possible to take photos of traditional farm buildings. The pressure on buildings that have lost their use is enormous.  Many redundant farm buildings are either converted into homes and offices or face demolition to make way for new development.  Some are left to decay. In an effort to record this rapidly-changing farming landscape we urge you to take a snap-shot or two from the footpath, road or hill-top and send it in to us. We want to record buildings that have been converted as well as those in their original state, even if still in use. This will give us an indication of the rate of change in Wiltshire. If you are interested please contact Dorothy who can supply you with a recording form and introduction letter.

Photo: N Lampard - Farm buildings at Barford St Martin in 1997
Photo: N Lampard - The same farm buildings only 3 years later

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