Volunteers Week 2017

on Thursday, 01 June 2017.

1-7 June is Volunteers Week and a chance to celebrate the valuable contribution that volunteers make! Here at the History Centre we have many wonderful volunteers who work in all our different departments; Archives, Local Studies, Archive Conservation, Archaeology, Wiltshire Buildings Record (WBR). We are sharing aspects of our volunteer’s work on social media throughout Volunteers Week 2017.

Wiltshire Buildings Record is a non-profit organisation (charity no 280382) partly funded by Wiltshire Council and specialises in investigating the history of built heritage.

“We are house detectives, revealing your home’s hidden secrets!”

Volunteers, Peter and Kylie, busy recording buildings.

Dorothy Treasure is Principal Buildings Historian and the only member of paid staff:

“I would like to highlight the work that our Wiltshire Buildings Records volunteers do. We literally wouldn’t be able to function without their help in the office and in the field.

Hilary Dunscombe is WBR’s longest serving volunteer who has been with them for 33 years!

If not for her we would all be drowning in material to be accessioned. We have a team of people who come out and help record buildings including Alyson Curtis, Clive Carter, Paul Jack, Peter Filtness, Alison Goodall, Kylie Coles, Nigel Walker, Tom Smith and Pam Slocombe.

Hilary and others recording a building in Baydon, near Swindon, and Alyson, in a 16th century roof in Salisbury.

Also not forgetting the work of Margaret Parrott and Louise Purdy here at the History Centre researching the buildings we record – we couldn’t function without them either.

Wiltshire Buildings Record is currently running several projects:

‘Dated Features’ project run by volunteer Paul Jack, which aims to collect datestones, etc from Wiltshire Buildings. We are trying to build up a dated chronology of buildings in Wiltshire, and would love the help of people who know their area and can find these features.

Our other project is ‘Farmsteads’, where volunteers go out into the field to record the traditional farmsteads of Wiltshire. These are one of the fastest disappearing types of building in Wiltshire due to pressures of development and redundancy.

One of our most recent volunteer-led projects is ‘Enrich the List’ where Historic England have asked us to upload information under their official online listing, so that WBR can share its information, and to signpost back to WBR (and by extension, the History Centre)."

You can find out more about these projects on WBR’s website or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The other services at the History Centre have a range of volunteers at the moment, carrying out various tasks, either carried out as a hobby or in the hope of gaining work experience. Their work is immensely valuable to our service and we are very grateful to them all. We hope that in return the volunteers will get something back in terms of improved well-being and the chance to meet other people and work as a team.

For volunteering enquiries please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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